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Motor City Electric: Complete Electrical Construction Est. 1952


DaimlerChrysler Corporation Mack Avenue Engine PLANT Detroit, MI

In 1999, Motor City Electric Co. was chosen to provide the electrical installation of new machining and assembly equipment for DaimlerChrysler's Mack Avenue Engine Plant. This included the installation of the block, cam, head and assembly areas. The installation included a plant-wide coolant filter and recovery system, mist collectors, automation transfer conveyors and gantries, washers, hones, boring machines, crank and camshaft grinder. Since the completed installation, MCE has been requested to continue with installation and upgrades for this state-of-the-art facility.

Ford Motor Company Michigan Truck Stamping and Assembly PlantWayne, MI

This 2004 project consisted of two building additions totaling several hundred square feet for the stamping and body shop. MCE provided the installation of power, lighting, substations, 15000V primary cable and process bus duct, in addition to the relocation of the existing plant services — all while working around the plant production schedule.

General Motors Corporation Body ShopArlington, TX

MCE provided general building power and lighting, substations, high-voltage power, fire alarm and security, along with tooling power and environmental electrical services, for over 1 million square feet of the plant facility.

DaimlerChrysler CorpORATION Transmission PlantKokomo, IN

Motor City Electric Co. for the past 15 years has provided various electrical services that included substations, high-voltage power, fire and security systems, tooling/environmental power, as well as general building power and lighting.

Toyota Motor Corporation Plastics PlantSan Antonio, TX

This 2005 project required the construction of a plastics mold and plant facility for trim plants. MCE provided power lighting, bus duct, grounding and overhead crane installation. In addition to meeting the client’s schedule, MCE provided design assist, including electrical installation drawings.

Nissan Engine Dynamometer PlantFarmington Hills, MI

At the Nissan Technical Center, Motor City Electric provided complete electrical engineering and design and build of engine dynamometer test cells. The tasks associated with this project included: grounding systems, temporary power and light, power distribution equipment, bus duct systems, substation modifications, controls and instrumentation, new lighting systems, emergency lighting systems, mechanical equipment feeds and control interlocks and LAN/phone systems.

DaimlerChrysler CorpORATION Automotive PlantBelvidere, IL

Motor City Electric helped with the complete rebuild of the DCX Belvidere Body Shop. We provided the labor to completely demolish the existing body shop tooling, installed new 480-volt feeders and provided electrical installation of all the new body shop equipment. In addition, MCE installed a complete new conveyor system throughout the body shop.

DaimlerChrysler CorpORATION Dodge City ComplexWarren, MI

Since the early ‘80s, Motor City Electric Co. has performed many building and automation installations - from building substations, primary cable, bus duct and replacement of the plant lighting to complete body shop equipment change outs, conveyors, paint shop equipment and trim and final assembly equipment.

Ford Rouge ComplexDearborn, MI

In 2003, Motor City Electric Co. performed several projects to upgrade the Ford Rouge Complex in Dearborn, Michigan. The facility had not seen a major upgrade since it was built by Henry Ford in the 1920s. MCE provided labor, materials and equipment for a new chiller plant, glass plant, frame plant expansion and DC tool bus installation for the truck final assembly area, along with the construction of the new 120KV switchyard for the entire complex.

Mazda PlantFlat Rock, MI

Motor City was selected to install new substation bus duct lighting, conveyors and assembly tooling for a new Mazda assembly plant built in the late 1980s. Since that time, MCE has provided many upgrades to the facility and equipment. The most recent work involved the replacement of a large portion of body shop tooling including robots, hemmers, hold fixtures and sealant equipment. We also provided power and communication drops during a short plant shutdown.