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Motor City Electric: Complete Electrical Construction Est. 1952


Detroit Edison Company Belle River Power Plant – Plant PrecipitatorsBelle River, MI

Motor City Electric Co. was selected to install the electrical systems required for electrostatic precipitators — one for each of the two coal-fired 660-megawatt units at Detroit Edison’s Belle River Power Plant. This included the installation of 96 high-voltage rectifiers, including field screens, along with the rapper motors and ash collection system. The work required many of MCE’s employees to be certified welders to install the system.

General Motors Corporation Delta Township Assembly Plant – Body Shop ConveyorsLansing, MI

MCE was selected to install the overhead power and free body shop conveyor system for a new assembly plant located in Lansing, Michigan. The project included the installation of the conveyor panels, run stops, drive motors, line control devices and all power and device net control systems. The project was completed ahead of schedule.

DaimlerChrysler Corporation Detroit Axle PlantDetroit, MI

MCE took the lead role in the development, coordination and construction of the plant’s 4800V and 480V power supply system throughout the plant. The scope of work included installing three primary 15KV switch houses, fabricating and installing trestle across the roof to each existing substation and bus duct system, building trestle to carry cable tray and cable feed over equipment, as well as fabricating and erecting a new substation building to house three double-ended 2500KVA unit substations.

General Motors Corporation Assembly PlantLake Orion, MI

Motor City Electric Co. provided the design and construction of the body shop conveyors electrical and control systems. This included new overhead power and free conveyor systems, demolition of existing devices, integrating Man-Machine-Interface (MMI), developing new ladder logic for PLC’s and design changes to all electrical hardware affected by the new delivery system.

Detroit Thermal, LLCDetroit, MI

This project entailed the upgrade of the controls for Boiler #1, which consisted of upgrades to the Combustion Control System (CCS) and the Burner Management System (BMS). Job requirements included installing new cable tray, conduit and wiring to 65 device locations. The CCS installation included power and wiring, the replacement of the FD fan which called for the installation and wiring of a new transformer and variable frequency drive. The BMS included the replacement of three control panels, 300 device locations and 350 panel terminations. MCE was also awarded the Boiler #2 project as a result of customer’s satisfaction with Boiler #1 work performed.

Detroit Edison Company – Monroe Power Plant DCS Burner ControlMonroe, MI

Motor City Electric was selected to replace the existing outdated burner control system at the Monroe Power Plant. This included a complete renovation of the plant’s control room, relay room and burner controls on each boiler. The project required that all of the existing burner controls be replaced with a new PLC-based system. This required the installation of burner management panels, new cables, instruments and operator controls to allow the plant to control the burner and combustion. For higher efficiency, the project was performed in phases to minimize interruption to the facility.

Detroit Waste-to-Energy Incinerator Facility Detroit, MI

Motor City Electric Co. was selected to provide the complete electrical construction of a new waste-to-energy incinerator facility. The plant burns trash which is used to produce steam for electricity and heating for some downtown area Detroit buildings. MCE provided an installed substations building, power lighting, process equipment, power and control.

Blue Circle CementDetroit, MI

Motor City Electric was selected to completely rewire the existing cement-producing plant with a new and modern PLC control system. This included a new control room, conveyor systems, unload and load silo storage systems, new substations and power distribution, plus control and instrumentation wiring — all installed during a 12-week shutdown of the facility.

Consumers Energy DIG Project Dearborn, MI

This project involved the construction of large gas-driven turbines being built near the Ford Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan, to provide power and steam for the complex. A firm that self-performs many of the trades, including electrical, started the project. After the project fell critically behind schedule, MCE was asked to step in and complete it. We provided all project management, labor, materials and equipment to complete the project as required.

Daimler Chrysler Corporation – Jefferson North Assembly PlantDetroit, MI

MCE was selected to install the new body shop equipment and kit work to modify the existing body shop tooling for the new 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Of necessity, a large portion of the work was performed during actual plant production time.