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Motor City Electric: Complete Electrical Construction Est. 1952


Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. – Y2K New Generator SystemsSoutheastern, MI

MCE performed the installation of emergency electrical generators and switchgear power and controls for the Y2K transition period. As the leader of the design and build team, MCE provided the following services: electrical construction, design oversight, manufacturing coordination, customer workshop management, municipal and utility liaison and coordination, training program creation and implementation, O&M manual preparation, equipment outage management and project scheduling. We successfully installed 45 two-megawatt diesel generators at 14 DWSD facilities in less than nine months. The units were all available and utilized on the Y2K transition period to ensure continuity of service for DWSD and their clients.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. – Regional 800 MHz Radio SystemDetroit, MI

The project involved construction of a complete public safety radio system and 911 dispatch facility. Motor City Electric Co. partnered with Motorola to design, construct and maintain a complete simulcast radio system and city-wide emergency dispatch facility (911 Call Center) to provide modern communications and response capabilities to all City of Detroit agencies, including the Department of Public Works, Water and Sewerage Department, the Detroit Police Department and the Detroit Fire Department. The City elected to integrate the new radio system with the existing State of Michigan radio system — resulting in the largest single integrated radio system in the world with respect to total coverage area and quantity of subscribers. MCE provided the following services: electrical construction, project design coordination, coordination of radio system, mechanical, civil, demolition and hazardous material abatement trades, project scheduling, training and O&M manual preparation.

Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept. – 1047 Plant-Wide Security SystemDetroit, MI

MCE was hired to construct concrete barrier walls and install decorative and chain link fence around the site perimeter, provide intrusion detection system around the entire site, install plant perimeter access points (including card swipe devices), provide security cameras to monitor fence line and site entrances, route fiber optic cables from all remote devices back to control room and upgrade the security control room to enable central control and monitoring of all plant systems.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Luggage Handling SystemRomulus, MI

The project consisted of the installation of power and control wiring to 430 motor-driven segments of belt conveyor. These segments were added to expand the existing luggage handling system for the new west concourse expansion. Rework of the existing conveyors was required to accommodate this expansion without interrupting the existing operations of the airport.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport MCNAMARA Terminal – Revise Jet Bridge Door Access ControlsRomulus, MI

Motor City Electric provided electrical wiring for the new terminal. During this project, MCE also rewired 90 doors that led to the jet bridges in the east and west concourses of the McNamara Terminal. The work consisted of removing the motion sensors and adding RX buttons on the secured side of each of the doors. Door hardware had to be replaced to make the system function correctly. This work was completed without disruption to normal airport activities.

Willow Run Wayne County Airport – Air-Blown Fiber Installation for Security Safety SystemYpsilanti, MI

This project consisted of the installation of 45,000 feet of seven-tube/tube cable through underground manhole/handhole duct banking system. Motor City Electric Technologies pumped all the manholes/handholes and 45,000 feet of 18-strand single-mode fiber was blown through the ring of the tube cable. Fiber strands were both fusion-spliced and terminated at designated points. Fusion splice points were installed at strategic points of the backbone ring and installation of 2,000 feet of conventional fiber cable was installed to the security camera towers located adjacent to the backbone ring. All patching schematics were designed and implemented by Motor City Electric Technologies. MCET is one of only several companies certified to install air-blown fiber applications.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport Conventional Fiber ProjectRomulus, MI

The work conducted for this job consisted of installing 80,000 feet (16 miles) of fiber optic cabling through underground manhole/handhole duct banking system. Motor City Electric Technologies pumped 95% of all manholes/handholes and approximately 66,000 feet of inner duct was installed through the underground system. There was an extremely aggressive project schedule to complete two critical-path milestones. Also, environmental concerns of possible contaminants within the manholes had to be clinically tested. Some of the installation successes included the completion of all project milestones within allotted schedule, the installation of service maintenance coils that allowed slack to be retrieved in order to correct a damaged fiber strand and the project-as-built documentation of all OTDR and fiber light loss traces. Other project accomplishments included underground duct bank documentation to depict conduit availability and fill capacity, plus the installation of one critical 24-strand fiber cable covering a distance of 15,000 feet between the new air traffic control tower and RTR-D site.

Domtar Paper Mill – Mill #8 Winder Replacement ProjectPort Huron, MI

MCE was selected as the best qualified to provide a complete electrical installation of a new paper mill winder and slitter. The project required all of the variable-frequency drive panels and PLC controls to be installed and checked out prior to the one-week outage to remove the old system and start up the new equipment.

BASF Corporation – LT-4 Process Control SystemWyandotte, MI

Motor City Electric Co. was chosen to install all power and control wiring for the master control center, cable trays and process instrument connections to provide a new distillation process during a four-month installation schedule. The project required MCE to provide electricians working two shifts, six days a week, in order to meet the project schedule.

Ashland Marathon – Refinery Fiber Expansion ProjectDetroit, MI

MCE provided a site-wide process instrumentation fiber optics backbone using air-blown fiber. We installed new raceways throughout the site to tie all of the facility processes together to a central control point.